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About Sam

One of the most dynamic and skilled drummers on the pro scene today, Sammy Aliano is a triple threat – making a name for himself in the recording, touring and teaching worlds.

Since relocating to the USA in 2002, Australian born double bass drumming star, Sammy “The Bull” Aliano, has embedded his unique foot print into the LA music scene.

A sought after educator, Aliano has embarked on European and Asian clinic tours, performed at the Montreal and Batuka! Drum Festivals and Australia’sUltimate Drummer’s Weekend. Sammy’s live and recording credits include Jazz-Improv rockers Gongzilla, Rock Star Super- nova’s Lukas Rossi, MR. BIG’s Billy Sheehan, Ex-treme’s Nuno Bettencourt and legendary ex-Guns N Roses guitarist Slash.

In 2011, Aliano & fellow co – author Matt Sorum re- leased a book entitled, ‘Double Bass Drumming & Power Fills Workout’

The definitive must-have workout text on double bass drumming grooves and power fills for the modern rock drummer.

Sam’s level of experience, ability to play multiple styles of music, and provide professional value added services such as musical directorship and sight reading put him in high demand for shows ranging from small club trios playing jazz through to large capacity stadium shows playing classic rock to country music.

Sam continues the path toward becoming one of the highly respected and world renowned Drummers of modern times.



Double Bass Drumming & Power Fills Workout


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“Double Bass Drumming and Power Fills Workout” 
by Sam Aliano & Matt Sorum. 

 Matt Sorum and Australian drummer Sammy “The Bull” Aliano have released the

“Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout” book through Cherry Lane Music. 

“Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout” is designed to help drummers improve their independence and control; develop coordination and fluency between their hands and feet; sharpen their reading skills; and build speed, endurance, power and precision — no matter what their drumming style.

The in-depth “Power Fills” workout section is an indispensible collection of over 300 exercises and variations.

Commented drummer John Tempesta (THE CULT, EXODUS, TESTAMENT, WHITE ZOMBIE):

 “As a professional and versatile drummer, I couldn’t be more pleased with what I found in this book. ‘Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout’ is a book that will strengthen your playing fundamentally as well as sharpen your skills. It will build, speed, endurance, and greatly improve your independence. Any serious drummer will find that using this book will benefit them no matter what their style of playing. Whether it’s rock, fusion, funk or metal, etc., The in-depth breakdown of the ‘Power Fills’ workout section is what separates this book from the rest. With over 300 exercises and variations, this book is a definite must for any drummer’s collection. I wish I had this book years ago. Matt and Sam have truly created a masterpiece.”


Book Review / Mike Dolbear


Double Bass Drumming and Power Fills Workout – Matt Sorum and Sam Aliano

Written by Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver and Australian educator Sam “The Bull” Aliano, who’s now based in LA, this is a book who’s authors need no introduction. Just in case you needed some encouraging though John Tempesta (The Cult) has written a rather gushing testimonial for the back cover.

This book cried out to me with those shiny Trick pedals on the cover. Pedals I own and as yet have never really put through their paces, despite my best intentions to do so.It’s a thick, well presented offering; the exercises have more than enough space and each section has a title page breaking down what is expected of you in the pages to come.

The first half is about bringing double bass into your playing. Perfect for the novice player, it will get you playing various note combinations on double bass within a simple groove. As you progress you begin to combine the ideas and incorporate different approaches such as right hand independence and double hi-hat groove ideas, which in turn open up a lot of other creative avenues.

Towards the latter half the book looks at incorporating double bass into fills, utilising all the counting methods from earlier in the book.

 Chapter five is all about “Power Fills” and is designed to be a full workout, tempo is moderate to high and the exercises demanding in both technique and fitness.

I particularly liked the “Power Fill Combination” exercises, where you are given a bar of music with four numbers in. They represent the number of notes you should play – 4 = one beat of 16th notes, 6 = a sextuplet and 8 = a beat of 32nd notes.

 There are plenty of ideas and exercises in this book which will take you in as a novice and lead you to a place of control and power; able to play double bass both more confidently and creatively.

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